It’s no secret that women love going to the spa. Getting a couple of girlfriends together for a day of pampering is the perfect way to take all your cares away. But now it seems that men are catching on too.

According to the International Spa Association, men now represent about half of spa-goers. The number one reason why? Stress. We can relate…

In response to this growing trend, spa services and products tailored to men are on the rise. At Spa Shiki there are a number of services available to male clients and they are being booked! There is even a lounge area with a television in the men’s locker room so they can keep track of the game. Talk about being spoiled!

Some men choose to show up solo, some bring their significant other but either way they’ll find plenty of options so they can get some rest and relaxation. Here are a few of the most popular services male clients are having at Spa Shiki.

  1. Golfers Delight Massage: Specifically designed for the golfer, this massage will focus on the neck, back and shoulders which are overused on the golf course. The therapist will also concentrate on the lower back and hamstrings to create the proper balance and flexibility which will only help you the next time you tee off.
  2. Gentlemen’s Facial: Specifically-customized for men’s skin, this deep pore-cleansing facial uses sea clay to remove impurities leaving the skin revitalized and refreshed. Added bonus: you’ll also get a relaxing massage to the face, neck and shoulders so you’ll walk away feeling amazing.
  3. Couples Services: If you are looking for something to with that special someone, a couples massage, or manicures and pedicures are a great way to spend quality time together. The couples massage is a signature Spa Shiki treatment, performed side-by-side using oils that will improve skin tone and vitality. An aromatic blend of essential oils will put you further into a state of relaxation. You can really go all out by ordering lunch and a glass of wine at the spa cafe, all without having to leave the comfort of your robe.
  4. Sports Pedicure: Many men neglect their feet so it’s no wonder they feel sore, swollen and tired. After a soak in the whirlpool pedicure station, a technician will exfoliate the skin and use reflexology techniques to stimulate nerve function and eliminate toxins. Bye bye aches and pains! At the end, a cooling gel is applied to boost circulation and energy.
  5. Deep Tissue Massage: While any massage will help your mind and body relax, a deep tissue massage takes it one step further. Using a variety of techniques and pressure, deep tissue massage eases pain often caused deeper inside the body. A technician will start by using a warming cream to loosen the muscles while working on areas of concern, and finish with a oxygenating cooling gel to heal and relieve sore muscles and stiff joints.

What men are saying about the spa

Not convinced yet? Here’s what one male client had to say on Facebook about their time at Spa Shiki!

“Got my first mani/pedi here. Guys, the women have been holding out. It was amazing!! My feet felt great afterwards and my toenails weren’t all gross and uneven. The atmosphere was soothing. Everyone was so polite, friendly, and calm. Must go again!”