While some snowbirds have headed south for the winter, those of us who enjoy the Lake’s four seasons are gearing up for colder weather. It’s nice to be able to experience the Lake year-round but winter can take its toll on your skin, and also leave us with a case of the winter blues.

Taking a moment for self-care over the next couple of months will help ward off fatigue, decrease anxiety, boost your immune system, and help you look and feel better.

Spa Shiki has a variety of seasonal treatments, services, and amenities that make cold winter days the perfect time for a trip to the spa.


Spa Shiki’s salt-purified whirlpool is just what you need to relax those tense muscles and put you in a better state of mind. Warm water stimulates endorphins to help ease headaches and reduce stress. We all know that hydrotherapy helps to heal injuries in the body and increases blood flow, but the added use of saltwater allows minerals to be absorbed through the skin.

Equipped with a state-of-the-art purification system using UV and ozone sanitation, the whirlpool is free of harsh chemicals. The process creates smoother, softer feeling water with no odor that is gentle on your hair. The minerals are absorbed through the skin (mostly from the hands and feet) which encourages detoxification.

Sauna & Steam Room

If you are looking for a great way to warm up while improving your overall health and wellbeing, spend a couple of minutes in the spa’s sauna and steam rooms.

Dry sauna bathing has been known to increase your heart health, helps those suffering from chronic fatigue and pain, and can improve certain skin conditions. Because you’ll break a sweat, the sauna will detoxify your body, heal tissue and release toxins.

A build-up of toxins can lead to a host of common illnesses. The sauna’s heat will boost immune function and makes the body less habitable for pathogens to fight off viruses. It also stimulates white blood cells, increasing antibodies against germs by increasing cellular energy. It’s the perfect remedy during cold and flu season.

Still suffering from seasonal allergies? The steam room is infused with pure eucalyptus oil, an earthy scent known for its respiratory benefits. It will open up the sinuses, improve circulation, loosen stiff joints, and drench the skin in moisture.

After utilizing these amenities, always make sure to drink plenty of water. You can also ask for a chilled cloth enhanced with rosemary essential oil to refresh your skin and help balance the mind and body by improving confidence, perception and creativity.

Both the men’s and women’s locker areas are equipped with a sauna and steam room.

Seasonal Treatments

A couple of new treatments and enhancements are being introduced to ward off the telltale signs of winter — dry, itchy skin.

Pumpkin is a favorite fall and winter scent but adding it into a treatment has lots of benefits, too. The Pumpkin Spice Facial is packed with fruit enzymes that exfoliates the skin, reduces hyperpigmentation, minimizes fine lines and wrinkles while boosting collagen and elastin in the skin. Your skin will be left feeling velvety smooth, firm and plump.

It’s time to get your nails ready for the season! The Cranberry Manicure/Pedicure uses an extract that is a powerhouse antioxidant to revive hands and feet. After dissolving dry skin and calluses, an intense moisturizing lotion is used in a relaxing massage to hydrate the skin.

One of the spa’s most popular treatments, the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, uses warm hand-carved salt stones from the Himalayan mountains combined with massage techniques for a relaxing and remineralizing whole-body massage. The minerals in the Himalayan salt stone are transferred and absorbed into the skin which helps to balance the central nervous system and nourish the skin. This treatment also uses an oil rich in Vitamin E to hydrate the skin.