By Charis Patires
Certified yoga instructor

There seems to be an increase in yoga-inspired events happening across the country. You may have heard of some of them — beer yoga, ladies-night-out yoga, even goat yoga. Yes, you heard that right. I recently saw a story on angry yoga. I guess it’s a chance for you to get rid of any bottled-up anger. I mean who isn’t feeling stressed out these days?

I’ve taught a variety of yoga events over the years including wine and yoga classes, and a class with cats to benefit a local animal shelter. These themed events can actually be a controversial topic among teachers. Some feel that it is not what yoga is intended to be and teachers should stick to the basics. I personally have a more “down-to-Earth” approach to yoga. I feel that is has to be relatable to people so that they’ll be open to new experiences. And for those of us who have been practicing yoga a long time, it’s nice to shake things up a bit and have fun.

I’ve had the opportunity to teach hundreds (maybe even thousands) of students and they will often tell me about classes they didn’t like. I always say the same thing. You have to experiment. Find out what you like. Find out what you don’t like.

September is National Yoga Month so it’s the perfect opportunity for us to host a few yoga events! To celebrate, Spa Shiki will be offering free workshops and events. They are open to anyone interested in finding out more about the benefits of yoga or those who have been doing yoga for a while but want to grow in their practice.

Three 30-minute Saturday workshops will cover a variety of topics (as explained below) and will be held in the movement room on the same floor as Spa Shiki. These workshops are targeting things I hear about most often — stress, back/hip pain, and challenging poses. In each workshop there will be the chance to have one-on-one instruction and to ask questions. Toward the end of the month we are having an outdoor class, on the rooftop at the Lodge of Four Seasons. All events have great views of Lake of the Ozarks!

As always, an all-levels yoga class is held in the movement room every Saturday from 9-10 a.m. Cost is $10 for the yoga class (this is not required to attend the workshops). Yoga mats are provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

If you have any questions about these events, as well as other ways to improve your overall health and wellness, call Spa Shiki at 573-365-8108. You can also go to Spa Shiki’s Facebook page to read more about these events.

Why Yoga? 
Just do a Google search and you will find many scientific studies showing the health benefits of yoga. Yoga Alliance lists these but we know of many more reasons you should step onto the mat.

  • ~Stress relief
  • ~Pain relief
  • ~Better breathing
  • ~Flexibility
  • ~Increased strength
  • ~Weight management
  • ~Improved circulation
  • ~Cardiovascular conditioning
  • ~Improved coordination and concentration
  • ~Inner peace

Upcoming Events: 

  • ~Yoga Workshop/Breath and Meditation: September 16, 10-10:30 a.m.
    You will be taught how to apply several types of breathing techniques so you can use them in day-today
    life. We will start with an energizing technique with other stress-busting breathing techniques to
    follow. The workshop will end in a guided, relaxing meditation.
  • ~Yoga Workshop/Spine & Hips: September 23, 10-10:30 a.m.
    Having a strong and flexible spine is key to your overall health. Unfortunately, due to our daily habits,
    it is often neglected causing pain and loss of mobility. The muscles around the hips are also an area
    where tension is stored. Stretches and movement targeting the hips and spine will be held.
  • ~Yoga on the Rooftop: September 28, 6-7 p.m.
    A one-hour class will be held on top the Rooftop Terrace at the Lodge of Four Seasons. The Rooftop
    Terrace is accessed through the main lobby, to the right. Follow signs. Come early to sign a waiver
    and get a spot! Bring water. The event is held outside so dress appropriately.
  • ~Yoga Workshop/Advanced Moves: September 30, 10-10:30 p.m.
    If you’ve always wanted to learn how to do a headstand or crow pose you will find out. There are
    several variations to each pose, so even beginners will be able to join along.